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Hopes for the future: A chat with our apprentices

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

It's not often that our two young apprentices - Frank and Becky - get photographed in the workshop alongside Colin Parkins, our Managing Director, but when a professional photographer stops by, we didn't want to pass up the opportunity to catch up with them.

Frank (below left) started with us at Decorative & Ornamental Plastering back in September 2019 with Becky (below right) joining just a few months after.

"Both Frank and Becky are doing extremely well and their tutor is very impressed with both of them, as are we" remarked Colin.

According to Frank, "the best bit about being an apprentice is the learning. I love constantly learning new things." The apprentices are certainly kept busy...

"Our apprentices spend their first 9 to 12 months in the workshop. They will then get the opportunity to go and work on sites, to both the fixing of our fibrous plaster works and also spend time with solid plasterers who will educate and train them in respect of putting plaster on walls and ceilings. At times they may well return to the workshop also. So over the 3 year apprentice period they gain valuable experience on ALL aspects of plastering. At the end of their 3 years they can then venture into the wide world in whatever aspect of plastering they want." - Colin Parkins, Managing Director.

Frank hopes to learn everything he can whilst he's an apprentice so that he may go on to be a great success in the plastering industry. Becky has similar aspirations and hopes that she can "continue improving" over the course of the apprenticeship, perhaps putting her learned trade to good use "all over the world."

What would both Frank and Becky say to someone considering an apprenticeship?

"It is possibly the best thing to do because you are learning knowledge that will get you far and earning money at the same time. There is nothing to dislike about it." - Frank

"It is a great opportunity to learn within the environment you are looking into; gives you a real feel beyond the classroom. It even comes with the bonus of being paid. I would definitely recommend!!!" - Becky

We are delighted that our apprentices are getting so much from their experience at Decorative & Ornamental Plastering so far and we wish them all the best as their journey continues.

To find out more about the company's apprenticeship scheme and how you could be a part of it, click here.

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