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A review of 2022 and a look ahead to 2023

As we near the end of 2022, our busy schedule of work continues here at Decorative & Ornamental Plastering Ltd.

We have recently been awarded our 7th property on one of the most sought after, and expensive, roads to live in London (see right for previous work completed). All properties that we have worked on to date have been completed to the highest standard and we look forward to continuing this level of finish. We have undertaken a combination of supply and fix partitioning, suspended ceilings, solid plastering, and the supply and fix of decorative fibrous plaster mouldings on all previous properties and to date, these contracts (excluding the current newly awarded one) amount to a value of more than £1.6m.

Another ongoing contract we are working on is in partnership with a new client to us – Synergy (Construction Consulting) Ltd - recommended to us by Boldfort Ltd, a leading long-term client of ours. This is yet another high-end residential property located in the Notting Hill area. We are undertaking specialist lath and haired lime plaster to both walls and ceilings. There are some repairs to existing areas, but substantial areas of new works throughout.

In Central London, we are also now entering our 4th year on a high-end residential property in Eaton Square covering 6 floors. We are undertaking substantial areas of heritage lath and haired lime plaster to walls, partitions and ceilings. We are carrying out extensive peel away to existing mouldings on both ceilings and walls as well as supplying and fixing considerable fibrous plaster and GRG mouldings throughout the property. Furthermore, we are undertaking substantial external stucco works to the property. Photos of this fantastic work to follow soon.

South of the River Thames, we have a wonderful contract in Putney; a very high-end refurbishment and new build attached to the existing property. We have supplied and fixed new partitions and suspended ceilings. These have all been plastered by us. Whilst there have been no decorative mouldings, we have supplied and fixed minor - but very detailed - sections of fibrous plaster shadow gaps and light troughs throughout. Photos coming soon.

Back in Central London, we recently completed a stunning, luxury rooftop apartment for our client Delcon Construction Ltd which has been 3 years in development. Our work commenced in September 2019 and included the supply and fix of partitions and suspended ceilings throughout. All surfaces have plaster finish with barely a millimetre of tolerance. Photos of this incredible high-end apartment to follow soon.

Following on from previous work that we completed at one of London’s most recognisable auction houses (see above), 2022 saw us awarded a contract by Grangewood Builders Ltd to commence work on another famous auction house in Central London. A small but highly prestigious contract saw us undertake works relating to the conversion of existing offices to two new galleries.

Another very busy year is drawing to a close but we are delighted to report that 2023 looks likely to be another fantastic year for the company.

Merry Christmas to you all and here's to a prosperous New Year.

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