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At Decorative & Ornamental Plastering we have considerable expertise in the traditional construction of walls and ceilings using timber lath and haired lime plaster


This was the traditional method of plastering until the end of the 19th Century and has seen a resurgence of late in conservation and restoration areas.

Lime mortar is a mixture of well slaked lime and same with the addition of animal hair reinforcement usually goat or horse. It can be applied to both brick and timber lath backgrounds.


We are pleased to offer a number of services using traditional lath and haired lime plaster including:

  • New Lime Plaster

  • Repairs & Restoration

  • Lime Plaster Vaulted Ceilings

  • Lime Plaster Surveys

Contact us today to find out more about our traditional lath and haired lime plastering offer.

Staircase Traditional Lath & Haired Lime
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