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GRG is a composite of Alpha Plaster and a continuous filament glass mat reinforced with metal strap or channel where necessary. This versatile material lends itself to the manufacture of large smooth surfaces where its resistance to damage is an advantage. Being incombustible it can be used in public areas where safety is of paramount importance. Compound shapes are easily realised e.g. wave effect walls and ceilings. Joints are made good to leave a uniform surface ready to receive decoration. 

At Decorative & Ornamental Plastering, we are highly skilled and experienced in the design, manufacture and installation of GRG. Some of the most common requests for GRG are listed below:

  • Bulkheads

  • Lighting Troughs

  • Ceiling Domes

  • Spiral & Curved Staircases

Contact us today to find out more about our GRG solutions.
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