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Photos by Marco Joe Fazio 

Project Type Private Residence

Contractor Seacon Ltd

Date 2014-2015

An exquisite restoration of a residential Grade II listed building overlooking two royal palaces and St James’s Park.

This stunning Grade II listed building was virtually gutted internally, both ceilings and walls. We were tasked with carrying out extensive refurbishment throughout; installing new plasterboard partitions and wall linings, which were all plastered by us.

Every existing ceiling was removed and replaced using a range of plastering techniques. In some instances, timber lath and haired lime plaster were used. Some required the installation of MF metal suspended ceilings with plasterboard finish, whilst others saw the team simply fix plasterboard to existing joints, all with a superior quality plaster finish.

In addition to the ceilings themselves, new fibrous cornices were supplied and fixed throughout. Prior to some of the ceilings being removed, squeezes of the existing cornices were taken so that they could be moulded back in our workshop. A new fibrous plaster cornice was then manufactured to match the existing.

New fibrous plaster moulding was supplied and fixed to both the new walls and ceilings with some ceilings requiring a new fibrous plaster ceiling centre to be supplied and fixed.

In the bathrooms, a new fibrous plaster lighting trough was installed.

The existing walls to the staircase area were extensively repaired with new haired lime plaster used to straighten wall areas that had been badly damaged.

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