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A special thank you from Belmont Special School

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

It is with great pride that we continue our support of Belmont Special School in Gloucestershire, and we were delighted to receive a letter of thanks from the school’s headteacher together with some photos and even a short video after what has been a tough year for students and staff alike.

“When I think about Belmont and the year we have endured, I am full of pride not only because of the service we have offered the children, but by the huge sense of community we created by all working together.

…We sent home over £10,000 worth of food to vulnerable families… and individually named and wrapped selection boxes for every single one of our 170 children, delivered by a socially distanced Santa.

Because of the funds you donated in April, we have a fully operational two room interventions cabin. It is fantastic and we are so very grateful.

…I wanted to let you know how much the staff and Friends@Belmont have been moved and motivated by your kindness and support. Thank you for everything.”

Kevin Day, Headteacher

We are delighted that the interventions cabin that our donation helped to build is being well used across the school. We are told that on a typical day, 8 sessions of group-based interventions are held. Around 20 minutes per session, the groups are small, between 2-4 students, and offer interventions such as Lego Communication, Belmont Speech and Language, Fine motor activities, working memory, THRIVE sessions, Behaviour mentoring and/ or friendship and emotions, so on an average day around 32 children are supported. On a more specific 1-1 based intervention, which could cover a vast amount of mental health issues such as self-esteem, anxieties and stresses including bereavements and trauma, the team usually meet with around 7 children daily so about 35 children during a full week at Belmont.

Receiving such a wonderful “thank you” after the most extraordinary 12 months brought smiles to the faces of everyone here at Decorative & Ornamental Plastering and we look forward to visiting the school again when we are able to in the not-too-distant future.

In the meantime, we will continue our support from afar and wish all the staff, students and their families health and happiness in 2021.

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